Trinity University Press

About Trinity University Press

Trinity University Press launched its program in 2002 with a generous grant from the Ewing Halsell Foundation. Since then it has published almost 100 titles and received dozens of awards and countless reviews and notices in nearly every imaginable venue.

The press is dedicated to publishing original, compelling, and imaginative work that furthers Trinity University’s commitment to educate for “the personal, lifelong quest for understanding of oneself and one’s place in the world.”

Our authors come from across the nation, and indeed from around the world, to bring a broad range of perspectives and ideas that enrich our publishing program and create exciting discoveries for our readers. The press publishes intellectually rich books intended for scholars, students, and the ambitiously curious who appreciate exquisitely written and finely wrought works.

The press publishes books focusing on these areas:

  • Nature and the environment. Wide-ranging and world-changing titles that help us to understand humans’ place and effects on the only world we’ve got.
  • The Writer’s World. Acclaimed anthologies in this series explore what it means to write elsewhere on the globe: open a book, open a world.
  • Literary works. Narrative prose books taking creative approaches to topics that range in an unpredictable variety but at their heart share literary style and virtuosity.
  • Regional books. Surprising stories, cultural narratives, and unique explorations that enhance our literacy about the places we live.
  • Architecture and landscape. Thoughtful and powerful examinations about our built and shaped urban and natural environments with an eye toward creating sustainable and beautiful spaces.

Trinity University Press strives to produce enduring books that meet the highest standards of bookmaking. Our environmental mission is carried forth in our book production. We use recycled paper and printing practices dedicated to sustainability, and we value excellence in design on our books’ covers and interiors. Print books, of course, are only part of our publishing program, as virtually all of our titles are available in ebook format.

Trinity University Press prides itself on giving each of its books a life beyond its covers. We promote our books through reviews in national and international media via print, broadcast, and online. We host author events, bringing authors to San Antonio and arranging for events nationwide so that communities can gather to discuss a book’s topic. Our books are taught in university courses. We are active in social media (please “like” us on Facebook!). And through awards and awards ceremonies, websites, and magazine and newspaper stories, our books reach beyond the bookstore, the library, and the individual to forge new lives in the world and contribute to dialogue and conversations about ideas and knowledge.