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Donald Culross Peattie Library

Audubon. Thoreau. Darwin. Muir. Bartram. Peterson. Burroughs. Carson. Pollan. All are instantly recognizable as important writers in the history of the natural world. One name that might not be as familiar is Donald Culross Peattie, probably the most important American naturalist you’ve never heard of. Peattie was a household name in his heyday in the mid-twentieth century. The author of dozens of books, he was always in the New York Times, Saturday Evening Post, and other important publications of the day. Even soldiers on the battlefield read his work, courtesy of U.S. Army reprints. Despite Peattie’s renown, his books have fallen out of print since his death in 1964, and he has been largely forgotten. Critical writers like Michael Pollan and Bill McKibben still celebrate his legacy, but he’s virtually unknown to the public. 

Trinity University Press is reintroducing Peattie to readers by reissuing nine of his lost classics, including A Book of Hours, An Almanac for Moderns, The Road of a Naturalist, and his masterpiece, A Natural History of North American Trees