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Jane Goodall- Bill Chamberlain

I Can Do So Much More

Bill Chamberlain

    I have almost as many seasons behind me as you have. By this time, I can say that many people have had a very significant impact on my life. You are absolutely at the top of that list. Many of these people have been individuals whose perseverance has brought together many others to make huge positive differences in the world. I have learned from you, and them, that anything can be accomplished with unwavering persistence and dedication. Before you came into my life, I thought I had found my purpose for being and my life's focus. After meeting you, I became aware that I can do so much more. With this newfound inspiration, I now strive to make the world a better place in every way I can. You are now the most inspiring person in my life.

    I feel so indebted to you for this that I am constantly thinking of something to give you that shows the extent of my appreciation. I want it to be something that moves you in the same way you have moved me. Whenever I see you carrying Mr. H, I want to give you something that means just as much to you, something that will be with you every day. Rest assured that your spirit is with me every day.

    I have never been so honored as when you allowed your grandson, Merlin, to visit here at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. He is such a wonderful young man. To become involved in the family side of your life is most humbling.

    Until I find that special gift, the most meaningful thing I can give you is my unending love, respect and devotion. I admire you for all you have accomplished and the mark you have made on the world. The mark you have made on my life is immeasurable. I know all too well how much our missions in life engulf so much of our time. May the future enable us to share our thoughts and feelings face-to-face much more often.

    William Chamberlain, Director and Curator of the U.S. Wolf Refuge, specializes in both animal and human behavior. He is a Jane Goodall lover and worshipper.