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Jane Goodall-Christie Greene


Christie Greene

    The story of Roots & Shoots begins nearly a quarter century ago and has spread around the globe, bringing messages of peace and love for our communities, the environments we live in, and the fellow creatures with whom we share our lives.

    The story of Evergeen Roots & Shoots begins 11 years later and 9,293 miles from your porch, with a library book, a clipboard, and a mother with dreams of bringing your message to the children of her town.

    The story of Delaney Laughlin, author of “Poachers,” also begins in 2002 when she became an early participant in the Evergreen Roots & Shoots program. She and her brother, Jordan, were smiling, passionate children who were eager to take part in the experiences our team had to offer. Delaney had a profound empathy for animals, one she demonstrated in her sensitive early short story and additionally demonstrated later when she began working to ban the exploitation of wild animals in the entertainment industry. After hearing two young women talking with Evergreen Roots & Shoots about their efforts to end such activity within the State of Colorado, Delaney was moved to found Protection of Exotic Animals in Colorado Entertainment, or PEACE. She is studying zoology at Colorado State University and continues to carry forth PEACE’s mission to end the abuse of wild animals in the entertainment industry.

    I thank you, Dr. Goodall, for the personal development I have experienced through spreading the world of Roots & Shoots, and I was eager to share with you the vast reach and wonderful influence of your message of love and peace even here, 9,293 miles from your porch.

    Born with a deep love of nature, Christie Greene came across information about Roots & Shoots and knew this program was her destiny.