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Jane Goodall-Chungliang Al Huang

Soul Friends

Chungliang Al Huang

    After my Tai Ji concert with Grammy Award-winning Swiss harpist Andreas Vollenweider in Bremen, Germany, I found a “fan letter” under my door at my hotel room. It was from Jane Goodall thanking me for the concert and inviting me for breakfast the following morning.

    We have been soul-friends ever since. She told me the story of her arrival in Africa experiencing the jungles and fantasizing herself the “real” Jane in the Tarzan stories. Between us, we created a ritual of “Chi enhancing” exchange of the “Tarzan Love Calls.” I will serenade my English sister Jane by making that primal cry, pumping my chest with Ahh-AH-AHH~~ AHHH~~~~~. And Jane will receive it wherever and whenever she wishes to connect with me in spirit, and for me to send her regenerative CHI power, no matter how far apart we may be.

    This ritual of sending “Tarzan Love Calls” to Jane has since expanded worldwide to include all my Tai Ji friends, in all kinds of occasions and places. Most notable was during the 50th year anniversary of Jane’s work at the Chimpanzee reserve in Gombe. On July 14, 2010, I was teaching at the Omega Institute in upstate New York. I assembled hundreds of seminarians, pumping our thymus glands on our chests, making a thunderous chorus of “Tarzan Love Calls” to her. Assuredly, all the way from Rhinebeck to Gombe, Africa, Jane received that regenerative CHI we sent across the world, naturally! Ahh-AH-AHH~~ AHHH~~~~~~~~~~

    Chungliang “Al” Huang is a philosopher, dancer, performing artist, and taijiquan master. He is the founder and President of the Living Tao Foundation and the International Lan Ting Institute.