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Jane Goodall-Jane Grey Morrison and Michael Charles Tobias

For Jane Goodall, on the Occasion of Her Birthday

 Jane Gray Morrison and Michael Charles Tobias

    Jane, Congratulations! You continue to inspire, enthrall, and educate generations of human primates with your rich life experiences, your unceasing commitment to nonviolence and compassion, and your powerful focus and utter enthusiasm for all life forms.

    Through your stellar example, the rest of us mortals can look to the future with more hope, more reason to work harder than ever before, and a more thorough belief that a few good people can, indeed, make huge differences towards the safeguarding of habitat and life on earth.

    We take your continuing example of ethical idealism and powerful common sense as a measure of what is possible in the eternal quest to love and cherish life and to re-shape the boundaries of science so as to comport more faithfully and fully with that which connects us all to the origins we continually and nostalgically look towards, that paradise wherein there is no separation between loved ones or strangers. Where paradise can exist, as it always has--here, now, on this planet, if only we humans would wake up, celebrate the love that binds all DNA, all sentience, all creatures of every hue and cry.

    Jane Gray Morrison is Executive Vice President of the Dancing Star Foundation. Married for 25 years to Michael Tobias, they have worked together in nearly every major biome on the planet, written some 50 books, and produced well over 100 films.