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Jane Goodall-Ray Powell

Little Things That Make One’s Life Successful

Ray Powell

    Salt Lake City. It’s a busy spring morning for Dr. Jane as she prepares for media interviews,
presentations to educators and interested parents, a tour of a local community garden with a classroom of
excited students, a meeting with university administrators and educators, and a fundraising luncheon. We get to the lobby of the modest hotel, and Dr. Jane observes that the potted plants have been neglected and are struggling to survive in desert-like conditions in their ornate pots. She immediately asks the concierge for a pitcher of water and lovingly waters and speaks with the captive tropical plants, wishing them well and apologizing for their neglect.

   The day is extremely successful and upon our return to the lobby of the hotel at 1:00 am, after a successful presentation to thousands at the university, followed by several hours of book signings and picture taking, Dr. Jane checks on the now contented potted plants and wishes them a good and restful night.

    Thank you Dr. Jane for a life lesson that will never be forgotten. It is the little things that make one’s life successful.

    Ray Powell is an educator.