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Jane Goodall-Richard D. Ryder

Woman of Courage and Perseverance

Richard D. Ryder

    In about 1985 Jane and I found ourselves at a Science Conference in Brussels. I can't think how we got there or why we went. There were few other animal welfarists present--just hundreds of arch vivisectors.

    Unexpectedly, the subject of primate research came up and Jane and I found ourselves outnumbered a hundred to one. When we spoke up for primate rights we were laughed at. Needless to say this did not stop Jane! We fought all day, and by the end of it, she had gained great respect from the audience. So I know that Jane is a woman of courage and perseverance, as well as compassion!

    On another occasion I learned from Jane that we both originate from the same part of England - the South East corner of Dorset around Bournemouth. I said I had been in the village of Studland on a day in 1940 when some Nazi Messerschmitts flew over the Channel and machine-gunned me in my pram! (Perhaps they were vivisectors too.) Anyway, they missed! To my amazement Jane said she had been visiting Studland on that very same day.

    Maybe they had been trying to get both of us!

    Richard Ryder is the past Chairman of the RSPCA, founder of Eurogroup for Animals, founding President of the Liberal Democrats Animal Welfare Group, Director of the Political Animal Lobby, and current Chair of RSPCA’s Wild Animals Committee.