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Individual Giving

Trinity University Press is proud of the support it receives from individuals.

Carl and Mary McDaniel
Charles Butt
R. Douglas Brackenridge
Armin and Penny Rembe
Sarah E. Harte
William Howe and Joy Bottinelli
Susan Toomey Frost
Arturo Madrid and Antonia Castañeda
Vaughn Sills


Carmen Nitsche and Dr. Steven Bachrach
Ron and Genie Calgaard
Alan and Linda Campbell
Maureen and Robert Decherd
Bill Fisher
Coleen Grissom
Kenneth Helphand
Claudia and David Ladensohn
Mike Lawrence
Kathy and Jim McNeill
Burk Murchison
Guillermo C. Nicolas
Thomas Payton and Art Ordoqui Jr.
Jerald Winakur and Lee Robinson
Diane Ponti and Ward Greene
Scot D. Siegel