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Alicia Borinsky

Alicia Borinsky is a professor of Spanish, a member of the Boston University–Chelsea Management Team, and director of the Writing in the Americas Program at Boston University. She has published extensively in Spanish and in English in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Among her books are Theoretical Fables: The Pedagogical Dream in Contemporary Latin American Fiction; the novels Mean Woman, All Night Movie, and Dreams of the Abandoned Seducer; and the poetry collections La pareja desmontable, Madres alquiladas, La ventrílocua, Mujeres tímidas, Las ciudades perdidas van al paraíso, and Golpes bajos. Her work has been translated, anthologized, and published in the Massachusetts Review, Confluencia, American Voice, Under the Pomegranate Tree, New American Writing, Tameme, and Beacons. She has held visiting professorships at Harvard University and Washington University, St. Louis and is the recipient of the Latino Literature Prize for Fiction and a Guggenheim fellowship.

One-Way Tickets

In One-Way Tickets, Alicia Borinsky offers readers a splendid tour across twentieth-century literature and popular culture, providing a literary travelogue of writers and artists in exile. She describes their challenges in adjusting to new homelands, issues of identity and language, and the brilliant works produced under the discomforts and stresses of belonging nowhere. Glimpses of Hollywood...

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