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Becky Crouch Patterson

Becky Crouch Patterson is the author of the Texas best seller Hondo, My Father, a memoir of life with her folk-hero father, Hondo Crouch, who was a rancher, storyteller, humorist, and self-proclaimed mayor of Luckenbach,Texas. A textile artist for more than forty years, Patterson has sewn appliquéd tapestries for many businesses and individuals. She is also a liturgical artist and designer and has created stained glass windows and furnishings for churches throughout Texas. She is the owner, with her sons Kit and Sky Patterson, of Stieler Hill Ranch, near Comfort,Texas, where Sky is an artist and Kit continues the family’s 135 years of ranching. Patterson helps out with the activities of the ranch, including the Texican Single Action Shooting Society, the hunters, art workshops, and her husband Oscar Barrales’s horse training business.

The Ranch That Was Us

Braiding strands of earthen insight with uproarious storytelling, legendary Texas Hill Country author Becky Patterson recreates the history of the Stieler Hill Ranch in twenty-four anecdotal chapters interspersed with original artwork. The result is a mixture of memoir and montage, treasure chest and tableau vivant of a world that’s beautiful, brash, and wonderfully heartbreaking. Patterson,...

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