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Bill Greehey

Bill Greehey is chairman of NuStar Energy L.P. and the founding chairman and CEO of Valero Energy Corporation. He led the company from its inception in 1980 until he retired as CEO in 2006 and as chair in 2007, when NuStar spun off from Valero. The Harvard Business Review named Greehey one of the world's best performing CEOs based based on his tenure at Valero. A noted philanthropist, he has given over $300 million to charitable causes. He is the founding chairman of Haven for Hope, a national model for transforming the lives of the homeless.

Powering a City

At the center of San Antonio’s growth from a small pioneering town to a major western metropolis sits CPS Energy, the largest municipally owned energy utility in the United States and an innovator in harnessing, conserving, and capitalizing on natural energy resources. The story of modern energy in San Antonio begins in 1860, when the San Antonio Gas Company started manufacturing gas for...