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Coleen Grissom

Coleen Grissom is a professor of English at Trinity University. A faculty member for more than fifty years, she has received “honorary alumna” status and a scholarship in her honor. As dean of students and later vice president for student affairs, she has mentored, counseled, and influenced the lives of thousands of Trinity students. Though still teaching full time at Trinity, she resides in the Texas Hill Country, where her toy poodles and indoor cats enslave her. On academic leave for spring 2013, she is working on a companion volume to A Novel Approach to Life.


A Novel Approach to Life

A Novel Approach to Life gathers a selection of the many noteworthy speeches Coleen Grissom has delivered over the years, entertaining and enlightening San Antonio audiences. On the page, these speeches read like the carefully crafted essays they are and, among other things, provide an intimate view of five decades on an American university campus—Trinity University. Grissom celebrates her...

Photo of Coleen Grissom