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Gregory McNamee

Gregory McNamee is a writer, editor, photographer, and publisher. He is the author or title-page editor of thirty-five books and more than 4,000 articles, essays, reviews, interviews, editorials, poems, and short stories. He is a consultant, contributor, and contributing editor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica and its blog, a contributing editor to Kirkus Reviews, and a contributing editor to the Bloomsbury Review. He is a research associate at the Southwest Center and a lecturer in the Eller College of Management, both at the University of Arizona. He lives in Tucson.

Aelian’s On the Nature of Animals

The legends and innovations of the Roman Empire have been instilled in us since childhood. We know the great stories of legal and political governance, all-knowing gods and goddesses, military power and conquest, and developments in science and engineering. But we have known little, until now, about their knowledge of the animal kingdom—which was, by far, the most advanced in world history,...

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