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Gretchen C. Daily

Gretchen Daily’s work spans scientific research, teaching, public education, and advancing practical approaches to environmental challenges. Her scientific research is on countryside biogeography and the future dynamics of biodiversity change; the scope for harmonizing biodiversity conservation and agriculture; quantifying the production and value of ecosystem services across landscapes; and new policy and finance mechanisms for integrating conservation and human development in major decisions. Daily, who is Bing Professor of Environmental Science at Stanford University, cofounded and codirects the Natural Capital Project, an international partnership to mainstream the values of nature into major decisions of governments, businesses, and communities. Her honors include the Blue Planet Prize, Sophie Prize, the International Cosmos Prize, the Heinz Award, and the Midori Prize. She has published numerous scientific articles and books, including The New Economy of Nature: The Quest to Make Conservation Profitable, cowritten with Katherine Ellison.

The Power of Trees

Intimate in size yet quietly breathtaking in scope, this graceful gift book will forever change how you think, and how you feel, about trees. In poetically charged scientific observations, renowned conservation biologist Gretchen Daily narrates the evolution, impact, and natural wonder of trees. Charles Katz’s twenty-six duotone black and white photographs illustrate the development of trees:...

One Tree / Un árbol único

Through words and photographs, acclaimed ecologist Gretchen Daily and photographer Charles Katz describe how one relict tree—the magnificent Ceiba pentandra in Sabalito, Costa Rica—carries physical and spiritual importance. The people in the town of Sabalito call the tree la ceiba, a term said to be derived from a Taíno word referring to a type of wood used for making canoes in the West...

Photo of Gretchen C. Daily