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Hugh Hemphill

Hugh Hemphill is the manager of the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio.

The Railroads of San Antonio and South Central Texas

As Toyota scouted the nation in 2002 for a new plant location, a San Antonio site’s proximity to two rail lines clinched the decision. It was the city’s greatest economic breakthrough in recent years. Of even greater effect was the arrival of the first railroad 125 years earlier, launching the region’s growth. These landmark events and others are outlined in The Railroads of San Antonio and...

San Antonio on Wheels

Horseless carriages came to San Antonio to stay in 1899. Mechanized transport—including bicycles—revolutionized the way things moved in the largest city in Texas, though it took a little practice. Following a series of mishaps, in 1910 city council adopted a formal set of driving rules. The speed limit was set at eight miles an hour within one mile of San Fernando Cathedral and at fifteen...