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Jan Jarboe Russell

Jan Jarboe Russell, a journalist and author, is vice president of the Linda Pace Foundation. She was appointed a trustee by Linda Pace when Pace founded the organization in April 2003. During a long career in journalism, Russell has published hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles in the San Antonio Express-NewsTexas MonthlySlate, the New York Times, and other publications. She is the author of Lady Bird: A Biography of Mrs. Johnson and the forthcoming Train to Crystal City. She lives in San Antonio.

Dreaming Red

Since its founding in 1993 by the late Pace Foods heiress Linda Pace, Artpace has become one of the premiere foundations for contemporary art. An artist residency program based in San Antonio, Artpace's goal is to give artists time and space in which to imagine new ways to work. Each year nine artists (three from Texas, three from other areas of the United States, and three from abroad) are...

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