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Leath Tonino

Leath Tonino, a writer from Vermont, has also worked as a wildlife biologist in Arizona, a blueberry farmer in New Jersey, and a snow shoveler in Antarctica. He is the author of The Animal One Thousand Miles Long: Seven Lengths of Vermont and Other Adventures, and his work has appeared in magazines such as Outside, Men’s Journal, Orion, Tricycle, Utne Reader, and The Sun. When not at his desk, he roams North America’s libraries and wildlands.

The Animal One Thousand Miles Long

The phrase “an animal a thousand miles miles long,” attributed to Aristotle, refers to a sprawling body that cannot be seen in its entirety from a single angle. For Leath Tonino, that animal is the landscape of his native Vermont. Tonino grew up along the shores of Lake Champlain, situated between Vermont’s Green Mountains and New York’s Adirondacks. His career as a nature and travel writer...

The West Will Swallow You

At eighteen, Vermont native Leath Tonino ventured west to attend college in Colorado. Upon hearing his destination, many of Tonino’s friends and family predicted that he’d never come back; he’d make the “land of endless space and sky, its ranges and their storms” his home. The West will swallow you,” one said, in a tone that felt like part warning and part prophecy. More than a decade later...

Photo of Leath Tonino