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Louis Sarno

Louis Sarno is a world-renowned musicologist. His remarkable life’s work includes more than 1,500 hours of recordings of the Bayaka people’s unique songs, some of which, without his documentation, would have been lost. His work is now the focus of a major documentary film. Sarno has made his home among the Ba-Benjelle Pygmies in the southwestern corner of the Central African Republic, now a part of the Dzanga-Sangha Dense Forest Reserve, since 1985. He and his Bayakan wife have two children. He is originally from New Jersey.

Song from the Forest

For twenty-five years American Louis Sarno has been recording the polyphonic and hypnotic music of the Bayaka people in Central Africa. His book is a first-person narrative of his life among a hunter-gatherer people and an account of their culture’s extraordinary beauty. Sarno recounts his efforts to protect the Bayakas’ fragile existence in an increasingly destructive world.   Song from the...

Photo of Louis Sarno

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