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Mary Carolyn Hollers George

Mary Carolyn Hollers George is the author of Alfred Giles: An English Architect in Texas and Mexico, Mary Bonner: Impressions of a Printmaker, and O’Neil Ford, Architect. She lives in Austin, Texas.

The Architectural Legacy of Alfred Giles

The Architectural Legacy of Alfred Giles focuses on architect Alfred Giles’s work in Texas and northern Mexico. Giles, who practiced from the 1870s to the 1920s after emigrating from England, designed buildings reflecting a great variety of styles derived from architectural forms of the past, combining them in original ways. Giles produced designs for unpretentious domestic residences and...

Mary Bonner

Mary Bonner: Impressions of a Printmaker is the definitive account of the life of an iconic Texas artist known for her delicate etchings and prints of the places and people that make South Texas unique. Mary Bonner begins with the artist’s early years in San Antonio and continues through her awakening as an artist at the Woodstock colony in upstate New York in summer 1922 to her years in...

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