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Mary McMillan Fisher

Mary McMillian Fisher is an author and educator. She lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Rosita’s Bridge

This is the true story of Carla Maria presenting flowers to her grandmother, singer Rosita Fernandez, when the bridge at San Antonio’s open air Arneson River Theater was named Rosita’s Bridge—not just a bridge across a river but a bridge between cultures.  Rosita tells Carla Maria of immigrating from Mexico in a family of sixteen children, of her father and uncles helping to build the River...

The Sound of Sunshine

There were few options for educating deaf children when Dela White discovered in 1945 that her infant daughter, Tuleta, could not hear. Mrs. White took her to Los Angeles to enroll at the John Tracy Clinic, founded by the wife of actor Spencer Tracy and named for their deaf son. Mrs. Tracy was adamant that her son was not going to sign but would hear and speak, recalled Mrs. White. That’s what...