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Mason L. Matthews

After graduating from Texas A&M University's School of Veterinary Medicine, Mason L. Matthews spent three years in Mexico's remote Pacific coastal region helping fight an animal epidemic. He returned to his native San Antonio, Texas to specialize in the treatment of large animals, including those at the San Antonio Zoo, where his first patient was a penguin with vertigo. As Texas ranches began stocking exotic game in the 1970s, he pioneered in dealing with the farflung and unusual medical emergencies of the likes of camels, ostriches, and zebras.


The Horse That Fell through the Stage

One evening Mason Matthews got a phone call. As a singer at San Antonio's Alameda Theater was about to mount a horse backstage and ride out in front of the audience, her horse had fallen through the floor. Would Dr. Matthews come over and figure out what to do? This was one of many dilemmas the veterinarian faced during his nearly half-century career. Texas ranchers had emergencies as they...