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Paul Salopek

Paul Salopek is an American journalist. A two-time Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, he was raised in central Mexico. In 2013 he embarked on the Out of Eden Walk, a seven-year, 20,000-mile transcontinental foot journey along one of the migration routes taken by early humans out of Africa. Funded by the National Geographic Society, the Knight Foundation, and the Abundance Foundation, the project aims to immerse readers in the lives of nomads, villagers, traders, farmers, and fishers Salopek meets along the way. He has written for the Chicago Tribune, Foreign Policy, the Atlantic, and National Geographic Magazine.

The Spirit of Tequila

Agave dates back to the Aztec civilization as an important crop in Mexico. Since the 1600s the people of western Mexico have cultivated blue agave from the red volcanic soil that blankets the region to make what we know as tequila. The Spirit of Tequila celebrates the tradition and culture of this iconic drink. Joel Salcido traveled across the state of Jalisco capturing images of distilleries...