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Calling All Undergrads!

Hi! I’m Danielle Trevino (far left), the new graphic design intern at TU Press. Even though the spring semester has ended, I still spend the majority of my time on campus. If I’m not working at the press, I’m probably working in The Contemporary’s office.

What is The Contemporary, you ask? Well, it’s a student publication based at Trinity University. We publish opinion pieces and essays by college students on current affairs, events, and social issues. We are currently transitioning from a student organization solely at Trinity into a nationwide startup. This summer our team has the opportunity to further develop our publication and work toward our goal of creating a unified platform for undergraduate thought-leaders across the country.

We strive to create a marketplace for ideas so that all undergraduate voices can be heard and informed ideas and opinions can be formulated. The only qualification is that authors must be undergraduates. All current affairs topics are welcome, and students from universities anywhere in the United States are welcome to submit.

Additionally, were looking for students interested in appearing as regular columnists (as opposed to onetime submissions). Please reach out if you’re interested.

We know everyone has opinions, and we want everyone’s voice to be heard. Conservative, liberal, politically apathetic, bio major, poly sci major, English major—were open to all. We want to be the apex for publishing differing opinions locally and nationally.

If you’re interested, here is our second edition, our website, and a bit more information about us. Submit via email. Be in the know: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and add us on Snapchat.

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