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Donate to Trinity University Press for the Big Give SA

by Rachel Cooley on

24 hours of community giving. One incredible chance to shape San Antonio’s future.

If you live S.A., then give S.A. 

This year, Trinity University Press is proud to ​participate in The Big Give SA, a 24-hour online giving event in support of local nonprofits doing good work to make San Antonio awesome. The big day is next week ​on May 5th and we hope you will be a part of it with us.  

Trinity University Press publishes ​important, internationally recognized, award-winning books intended for curious readers who are committed to lifelong learning in a variety of subjects. We are proud to do our part to bring San Antonio to the world, and the world to San Antonio. We hope you agree that we are an important part of the cultural scene in our city! From the San Antonio Book Festival to Fiesta, we’re an integral part of San Antonio and we’re proud to share our city with the world in books about our River Walk, artists, and food.  

​We can’t do it alone! We need readers and supporters like you. Book sales alone can’t support what we do, and many of the books we make available worldwide simply might not get published without your support.  

Please consider supporting your friendly neighborhood book publishers for this amazing one day event! You can even fill out this form now, pledging to give on May 5th. 

With the Big Give, it just takes a few seconds to make a difference in your community! Whether you support us or other nonprofit groups doing important work in San Antonio, we hope you will join us in making The Big Give SA one of the best in the country. Every gift helps more than you know, no matter how small or large.  

Please make sure to share this message with your friends and family. Let’s tell everyone about this awesome day for nonprofits!

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