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Go Spurs Go!

by Rachel Cooley on

Game 6 Tonight! Trinity University alum and TU Press author Tim Derk reflects on his time as the Spurs Coyote mascot in his book Hi Mom, Send Sheep!, providing insider perspective on the Spurs as they gained national attention while staying true to their San Antonio fans. Derk, who was constantly inventing new antics to delight fans, was one of the most popular mascots in the NBA—until a massive stroke disrupted his life and career. Derk’s story is one of personal struggle with illness, wry anecdotes of the Coyote’s misadventures, and reflection on the support of the team and fans. Today he is the manager of mascot development for the Spurs, where he continues to be an integral part of the game experience, helping to build community and entertain millions of fans. For the playoffs this year, TU Press is proud to be a part of Spurs Nation. Go Spurs! Beats those Mavs! 

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