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Happy Birthday William Stafford!

by Rachel Cooley on

January 17, 2014, marks the centennial of poet William Stafford’s birth, and events across the  world will celebrate his poetry and influence all year long. With many events in the Pacific Northwest, in Nevada and Arkansas, and even in Glasgow, Scotland, everyone can celebrate the life and works of this beloved poet. 

The Friends of William Stafford seek to celebrate Stafford’s influence and the power and importance of the literary arts in our lives. Stafford actively looked for opportunities to see beauty in his life and work, always “listening for the next sound” and “rubbing words together until something sparked.” He followed a “golden thread” among the simple beauties in life and once said of his work, “I have woven a parachute out of everything broken.” 

On what would have been Stafford’s 100th birthday, we can celebrate his life and work by striving to see the beauty he saw and by affirming the significance of the literary arts. We can can also celebrate by reading the compositions of this prolific writer, including The Osage Orange Tree, which gives insight into the nature of a young poet who worked through some of America’s hardest and most inspiring times. For more about Stafford’s life, see the works of his son, Kim Stafford, such as Early Morning: Remembering My Father, William Stafford and 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do.

Visit here to see a list of centennial events or organize your own. For information visit the Friends of William Stafford.

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