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Happy Halloween Southern-Style

by Rachel Cooley on

The southern literary tradition includes spooky tales, often set in deserted plantation houses or among eerie trees covered in Spanish moss. From haunted mansions to vampires in New Orleans, celebrate Halloween by reading southern tales like Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice or gothic shorts from William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor.

Check out some of the creepy stories in our Literary Cities series, including “The Haunted Library” by Margaret Wayt DeBolt and “The Gold Bug” by Edgar Allen Poe, that master of suspense.  

In “The Haunted Library,” DeBolt tells the history of a house near a cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, haunted by the ghosts of past inhabitants. She writes: “A full moon shone in the windows, illuminating the room. As he glanced about his strange surroundings, he was startled to see a man—the man of the portrait, in uniform—now seated near him in a large leather armchair. The frame of the painting above him was empty. Then he realized in terror that the other elaborate frames were vacant as well, for the persons who had occupied them were now moving about the room.” 

Got the willies yet? 

Continue reading the hair-raising story in Literary Savannah, and have a well-read Halloween!

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