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Meet the Intern: Eleanor Gilbert

by Eleanor Gilbert on

 I’m Eleanor, the new marketing intern at TU Press.

I’ve always got a story on my mind and a new book I plan to read—when I’m not flooded with course work.

When I was younger, books and stories were a way for my mom and grandmother to teach me about the world and their experiences in it. Later the library became my favorite after-school hideout, where I would check out excessive numbers of books to find new worlds to explore. Sometimes teachers didn’t believe I was reading all the books I was carrying around!

Despite other people’s doubts, I kept reading, delving deeper into social issues and developing a penchant for writing. Working in publishing allows me to observe a book’s progress as if I am watching the growth of a very quiet child. It’s no one person’s baby because it takes more than one person to make it happen. Lucky for me, I am a part—however small—of that process.

Outside of the press, I immerse myself in working for the Trinity Review, watching Netflix, hanging out with fellow Swashbucklers, volunteering with my brothers in Alpha Phi Omega, and trying to learn something new. I like the informational overload, and I’m typically looking for more—until I pass out for the day, that is.

I know the work at the press is going to be hard, but it’s also fun. That’s why I’m excited to be a part of the team!

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