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Meet the Intern: Jeanette Gutierrez

by Jeanette Gutierrez on
Hi there! I’m Jeanette, the summer marketing and sales intern at Trinity University Press.
For two years I've been employed as a student worker at the Trinity library. As the spring semester came to an end, I decided I wanted to devote the summer to gaining experience more relevant to my major, which is English. I love working at the library, and Trinity University Press felt like a natural extension of that. 

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise that Im a bookworm, but I also love film and photography . . . which brings me to my minor, film studies. I'm especially interested in film adaptations of novels because I find that this admirable art form fuses two of my passions.

I was mentored as a high school student, and that experience helped shape me. For the last six years I've volunteered with Boy With a Ball, a nonprofit mentoring organization, and I really enjoy giving back to my community. TU Press also connects me with the community in that we publish books that bring to light the region's social and cultural issues.

I’m the social cultural chair for Trinity’s Latino Association, which promotes education about Latino culture. The fact that TU Press publishes books about southwestern culture is a natural extension of my work there. My internship is a great way for me to learn about the publishing world and to gain experience writing and blogging, and in social media. Here we go!
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