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Meet the Intern: Reagan Herzog

by Reagan Herzog on

Hi! I’m Reagan Herzog, and I’m the newest marketing intern here at TU Press.

Anyone who knows me will not find it very surprising that I ended up working somewhere surrounded by favorite thing, books! Ever since I learned to read, it has been nearly impossible for me to stop. In school I read at recess and lunch, and I even got in trouble multiple times for reading my own books instead of listening to the teacher (which isquite possiblythe tamest thing to get in trouble for).

As I've gotten older, there’s less and less time for recreational reading, although I’m still guilty of neglecting my responsibilities every once in a while for a good book. However, working at TU Press gives me a whole new way to surround myself with books. I may not be getting paid to just read books recreationally all day (if that job exists, someone let me know, because that’s my dream), but I do get to discover a whole new side to books and the publishing process. I already know that I’m passionate about books, but working at TU Press allows me to explore other interests of mine, including marketing and social media.

When I’m not here at TU Press you can probably find me working with my service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, studying, or watching Netflix (The Office!).

I am so excited to be working here, and I can’t wait to see what experiences and opportunities I’ll have this year!

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