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Books for the Best Dads

Fathers are underappreciated, or at least that’s what my dad says. And it’s kind of true. It seems like the only time I tell my dad I appreciate him is when he helps me out with something, like plumbing or cooking or car maintenance. When the check engine light comes on, I know who to call, and it’s not ghostbusters. I’m always grateful for him, but I don’t always vocalize it. I don’t know how to vocalize it. 

Father’s Day is a day when we tell our fathers how much they mean to us, for all the little things, for always being there, for all the bad dad jokes (and there’s a lot of those). But words only go so far. When it’s time to show all the fathers in our lives how much they mean to us, a solid place to look for inspiration is the bookshelf. Here are a couple of ideas from Trinity University Press. 

Hometown Texas is filled with photographs and stories that highlight small towns in Texas. The authors, Peter Brown and Joe Holley, collaborated to create Hometown Texas that looks at what makes people who they are and how the landscape changes around them. Hometown Texas aims to show you the unknown parts of Texas. If your father is from Texas, lives in Texas, or is just interested in the Lone Star State, this is the book for him. 

Humans of San Antonio, the newest edition to the TU Press family, showcases the people of San Antonio. Through pictures and quotes, Michael Cirlos captures the essence of San Antonio made by the people who populate it. The emotions captured in these pages will make even the toughest dad get goosebumps.

Is your dad a history buff? Does he enjoy reading about true legends? Exploring the history of a legendary Texas family, Maverick: The American Name That Became A Legend goes back in time to uncover the truth of the Maverick family and the word maverick, tracing its history all the way back to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Focusing on Sam Maverick, this book delves into his story as a Texas legend and all the incarnations of maverick that came after. Fathers of all backgrounds can get into this epic, historically true tale.

Whether you dad drinks tequila, strictly water, or something in between, he will enjoy The Spirit of Tequila. The combination of pictures and storytelling will encapture any reader, especially your dad. The history illustrated through photographs and words captures the culture, history, and beauty of tequila. We are all lifelong learners, why not help your father embrace it?

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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