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Only five days left until Father's Day !?!? Think books!

by Burgin Streetman on

That's right. If you're like me, you've whiled away the first days of summer having fuzzy thoughts about your dad/husband/brother-with-three-kids rather than moving into action for a holiday that looms a mere five days away. What do you get daddy dearest before it's too late and you have to scramble to the store for an insert-name-of-favorite-sports-team-here T-shirt or a random grill gadget he most definitely doesn't need? If your dad is like my dad, he might be interested in more uncommon pursuits, like world history or the fine art of birding. If that's the case, Trinity University Press is here to the rescue. 

Maximilian and Carlota: Europe's Last Empire in Mexico is the perfect choice for a father interested in learning more about one of the most spectacular personal tragedies and political failures of the nineteenth century. Or perhaps A Gathering of Birds, an anthology of ornithological essays from some of history's most important naturalists, edited by forgotten midcentury naturalist Donald Culross Peattie, would appeal. If fiction is your dad's thing, try Outside, six stories by acclaimed author Barry Lopez in an illustrated gift edition. For fathers who enjoy tossing the ball around or at least watching on TV, consider Baseball in the Lone Star State, which chronicles the history of the Texas League. Maybe your pop has made the switch to an reader, in which case check out our classic WPA Guides to America series, available for forty-nine states on more than thirty e-book platforms. 

Rest assured, there's a book for every breed of father, no matter the holiday.

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