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Read Green!

by Burgin Streetman on

Every year on April 22, over a billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day. From San Francisco to San Juan, Beijing to Brussels, Moscow to Marrakesh, people plant trees, clean up their communities, contact their elected officials, and more—all on behalf of the environment.

At Trinity University Press, we encourage people to do their part, whether recycling, volunteering, advocating, or just by reading green!

If poetry is your thing, The Ecopoetry Anthology is perfect for igniting inspiration with work from dozens of writers who speak for the trees. Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril contains eighty essays on our personal responsibility to help preserve the planet and will inspire you to do your part. Donald Culross Peattie was a midcentury naturalist who engaged readers through poetic and enlightened nature writing in books like A Natural History of North American TreesA Gathering of Birds and An Almanac for Moderns. The Pulitzer prize-winning U. S. Poet Laureate W. S. Merwin shows his fondness for the natural order of things in Unchopping a Tree.

If you are looking for a more tangible and active way to get in on conservation, the Earth Day Network creates tools and resources for you to get involved with Earth Day in your community. Read more.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Earth Day this year, just jump in and go green. Your children and your children's children will thank you for it!

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