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The Summer of the Bear

by Rachel Cooley on

In a recent blog post, TU Press author Char Miller comments on the relationship between humans and wildlife in what he calls “the summer of the bear.” Many have seen videos of bear shenanigans, including breaking into dumpsters and even bars in Colorado. Miller questions why we have been so fascinated with wildlife and looks at how one ancient philosopher, Claudius Aelianus, expressed his fascination in his playful and quirky book, On the Nature of Animals. Miller uses the TU Press edition, saying that it is "beautifully translated, carefully selected, helpfully annotated, and wryly introduced by Gregory McNamee."

Miller argues that although Aelian’s scientific logic is seemingly unorganized and certainly different than our own, we should not think of our science as superior. He says that recent legislation in Utah and California has made similarly “curious” judgments about bears and other wildlife. Whatever the science and logic, it is clear that humans are interested in their relationship with the natural world, though our judgments may sometimes be peculiar or puzzling. 

Read Miller’s full post at his blog, The Golden Green.


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