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Viva Tequila!

by Tom Payton on
From famed three-martini lunches at the Algonquin in New York to effervescent parties for legions of fans when a book is published, I've heard many legendary stories about the role of alcohol in the world of authors and publishers. In fact, I've attended my fair share of memorable book parties over the decades. 

Last Friday I was honored to attend the opening for Aliento Tequila, a photography exhibition capturing the rich process of tequila making. From the blue agave's lore to hand shearing, reduction, and fermentation, the often decades-long process is a true art. Joel Salcido captures this art in his stunning photographs, currently on exhibit at Mexico's General Consulate in Dallas. The photographs with accompanying text will be published in a book by Trinity University Press in 2017. 

I particularly enjoyed my visit with Consul General Francisco de la Torre Galindo, who hosted the exhibit and reception and warmly received us. Our meetings explored future exhibition plans in the United States and Spain beginning next year. 

I learned a lot about the finesse of producing fine tequilas that rightfully share the stage with aged scotch—my soft spot, until last week, that is. Jorge Raptis of Don Julio shared tasting samples of aged tequilas followed by crisp margaritas or palomas. My favorite, you ask? Don Julio 70, a smooth añejo claro aged eighteen months in oak barrels and then filtered.

I can't wait for the book publication party. Viva tequila!
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