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Fault Lines

Portraits of East Austin

John Langmore (author)

A photographic portrait of East Austin, Texas

East Austin, just across Interstate 35 from Austin, Texas’s capital city, is a historically working-class neighborhood that in recent years has become an arts district and hotbed for real estate developers targeting a young urban population. The shops and restaurants that for decades served Latino and African American residents are being crowded out by coffee shops, cocktail bars, and upscale bakeries hoping to attract newer residents. The resulting tensions, part of a trend debated in cities across the country, have received national media attention.

After years of observing the fragmentation of East Austin’s Latino and African American communities, photographer John Langmore began to chronicle the historic neighborhood and its residents. His aim was to capture the gentrifying neighborhood’s unique nature and to make Texans aware of the people and places negatively affected by the state’s growth.

Fault Lines features more than a hundred color and black-and-white photographs taken between 2006 and 2010, during which time Langmore was fully aware that the window for capturing the community was rapidly closing. Indeed today many of the neighborhood places, and even the people, have been lost to development and increasing rents and property taxes.

The book also has a foreword by Michael King, a longtime political reporter for the Austin Chronicle; essays by East Austin resident Wilhelmina Delco, Austin’s first African American elected official and a ten-term member of the Texas House of Representatives, and Johnny Limón, a sixty-six-year resident of East Austin and a prominent member of the neighborhood’s Latino community; and an epilogue by Langmore.


“John Langmore turned his lens on East Austin and discovered a rich history and community.”

Austin Chronicle

“Langmore focuses on those old ways, rather than on the conflict between the old and new. The East Austin portrayed here is a place of street fiestas, barbershop gossip, and Sunday morning church services, not brewpubs, fancy coffee shops, and limestone-and-brushed-nickel apartment complexes. It's a snapshot of a place that, Langmore writes, 'time will render unrecognizable to future generations.'”

Texas Monthly

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