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Fort Sam

The Story of Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Eldon Cagle Jr. (author)

A history of one of the Army's oldest posts

Fort Sam profiles one of America's most historic military posts, established in San Antonio in 1876 and named a National Historic Landmark in 1975. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Fort Sam was the nation's largest Army post. The text and the more than 175 illustrations outline Fort Sam's transformation from an assortment of installations, including the Alamo, into today's sprawling 3,000-acre complex. Its 800-plus historic structures, all listed on the National Register of Historic Places, exceed the number of historically significant buildings even at West Point. The Apache chief Geronimo and his band were held in Fort Sam's Quadrangle not many years after its construction.

The post was the site of Texas's first military aircraft flights and supplied the pursuit of Pancho Villa along the Mexican border. Several divisions formed and trained at Fort Sam during both world wars. In the years since it has become the Army's center for medical training, as well as the headquarters for the Fifth U.S. Army and for the U.S. Army South. Photos of ordinary soldiers and notables like Generals Pershing, Eisenhower, and Kreuger, who were once stationed here, help support the idea that Fort Sam Houston holds the spirit of the U.S. Army.


“Well crafted and chock full if information, this volume is history at its best.”

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