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HemisFair ’68 and the Transformation of San Antonio

Sterlin Holmesly (author)

The story of when the World’s Fair came to Texas

In 1968, a world’s fair sparked a transformation in San Antonio. A monolithic Old Guard overcame four decades of post-Depression lethargy to put on the event, only to find itself overthrown by populist forces unleashed by the new energy. As change rippled outward, rising minority political groups gained a decisive voice in economic developments.

In Hemisfair ’68, Holmesly records the HemisFair and post-HemisFair experiences and reflections of thirty-four prominent San Antonians, told in their own words.


“For anyone with even a casual interest in local history, this book is an invaluable resource, and some of it is fun to read as well.”

San Antonio Express-News

“Rather than a history of HemisFair ’68 activities and goings-on, Holmesly instead provides intriguing personal stories about the planning and building of the fair, its major impact on San Antonio culture and politics, how the event attracted people to the city from around the world, and what this did to forever change the community.”

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  • Published: Mar 2003
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