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Land and Light in the American West

Becky Duval Reese (foreword), William R. Thompson (introduction), John Ward (photographs)

The first major collection of master photographer John Ward’s gorgeously detailed black-and-white images of the American West

Ranging in scale from tree bark to the vast emptiness of the desert Southwest, the photographs in Land and Light in the American West provide a visual integration of landscape and ruin, transcendence and decay, that speaks to the powerful forces of nature and culture at work in the West. Inspired by the photography of Eliot Porter and Ansel Adams and their dedication to the natural world, John Ward has been photographing the American West since the early 1970s. A devout traditionalist, he has worked exclusively with large-format view cameras and has won acclaim for his elegant imagery and the exceptional quality of his master prints.

In this beautifully produced duotone volume, pristine landscapes contrast with decaying ruins to showcase a photographer at the peak of his form while expressing Ward’s deep concern for the fragility of the environment.


“It is an inspiration from cover to cover!”


“Whether he focuses close up on a saguaro cactus, with its grainy hide appearing to be abloom with spiky bouquets, or, from a greater distance, on a brambly high desert field punctuated by saguaros of varying heights, all backed by rugged mountains, Ward manages a certain transparency of image, inviting the viewer to look further and deeper, rather than allow her to stand apart, detached and voyeuristic.”

San Diego Union Tribune

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Photography, Nature, U.S. Southwest, Regional