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Memoirs of Mary A. Maverick

A Journal of Early Texas

Mary A. Maverick (author), Maverick Fairchild Fisher (editor), Rena Maverick Green (editor), Paula Mitchell Marks (foreword), George Madison Maverick (contributor)

Classic Texas story of pioneer life by one of its founding mothers

This new edition of the Memoirs of Mary A. Maverick—until now unchanged since the first in 1921—is carefully reedited with new illustrations and, for the first time, an index and extensive annotations to put the leading characters and subjects into perspective.

As the young wife of Samuel A. Maverick, a Yale-educated landholder whose name has entered the English language, Mary Adams Maverick came to Texas less than two years after the fall of the Alamo. In her diary she recorded her eyewitness stories of the tumultuous decades that followed. She describes the joys and heartbreaks of raising a growing family in the uncertain shadow of Indian raids, military invasions, and deadly diseases. A youthful sense of wonder pervades her wide-ranging accounts of fleeing an invading Mexican army, making do with living quarters in a corncrib, and meeting generals and presidents—even a German nobleman, Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, who serenaded her group from a boat near her home on the Texas coast.

Sprinkled throughout are other memorable vignettes—of a grand procession to San Antonio’s church of San Fernando behind “twelve young girls dressed in spotless white” and a platform-borne statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and of the deathbed vigils for two beloved daughters. Indeed, as historian Paula Mitchell Marks writes in the foreword, these memoirs form “a valuable record of Texas history and a personal story of endurance and grace.”


“A vivid picture of life on the Texas frontier.”

New Handbook of Texas

“The first true autobiography in Texas.”

Bert Almon, This Stubborn Self: Texas Autobiographies

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