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Mexican Writers on Writing

From the The Writer's World series

Margaret Sayers Peden (editor)

Mexican writers discuss what it means to write, and to be a writer, in their beloved homeland

The pieces collected in Mexican Writers on Writing present a cross section of Mexican authors’ thoughts on writing, from Carlos Fuentes’s instructional Decalogue, to Bernardo de Balbuena’s flowery dissertation on the beauty of poetry, to Octavio Paz’s analysis of the essence of translation. From the time of the chronicles of the conquistadors to the contemporary movement Crack, these writers reveal ever-changing views of Mexico, a country in which poetry and fiction were not written until the seventeenth century.  Margaret Sayers Peden offers fresh insights into how Mexican writers view their roles in their country’s literature and in the process provides the reader with an understanding of how three centuries of Mexican writing have evolved.


  • Bernardo de Balbuena
  • Carmen Boullosa
  • Emilio Carballido
  • Ricardo Chávez Castañeda
  • Rosario Castellanos
  • Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
  • Bartolomé de las Casas
  • José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi
  • Carlos Fuentes
  • Margo Glantz
  • Enrique González Martínez
  • Angeles Mastretta
  • José Emilio Pacheco
  • Ignacio Padilla
  • Pedro Ángel Palou
  • Octavio Paz
  • Elena Poniatowska
  • Alberto Ruy Sánchez
  • Ilan Stavans
  • Eloy Urroz
  • Juan Villoro
  • Jorge Volpi
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