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Painters in Prehistory

Archaeology and Art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands

Harry J. Shafer (editor)

The story of ancient canyon dwellers along the Lower Pecos and their culture

Published in partnership with The Witte Museum

The people who inhabited what is now Texas left a unique series of narratives that provide information about almost 12,000 years of existence. Originally published by the Witte Museum (a preeminent museum on southwestern U.S. history) in 1986, Painters in Prehistory is the result of years of dedication to the story of the ancient Rio Grande canyon dwellers. This updated edition features significantly revised research by scholars who have deepened the understanding of rock art interpretation and the life of these prehistoric people, as well as scientific analysis of artifacts and coprolites.



  • Megan Biesele
  • Stephen L. Black
  • Carolyn E. Boyd
  • Vaughn M. Bryant Jr.
  • J. Phil Dering
  • Peter T. Furst
  • Margaret Greco
  • Thomas R. Hester
  • Elton R. Prewitt
  • Roberta McGregor
  • Shirley Boteler Mock
  • Marvin W. Rowe


Painters in Prehistory makes the case for protection and preservation in the strongest possible way.”

American Archeology

Painters in Prehistory features updated essays and chapters by 14 scholars, including Shafer, as well as new maps, charts, tables, drawings and photographs of rock art sites and artifacts.”

San Antonio Express-News

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