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Book series: Literary Cities

Literary Cities offers portraits of some of the most culturally rich and historic cities in the nation. Each book in the series includes illuminating vignettes of fact and fiction, and poetry and prose, from dozens of writers inspired by these colorful cities. Let classic and contemporary writers be your guides as you develop a unique insight into these vibrant and remarkable international cities without leaving your armchair or as take-alongs to enhance your travel experience.

Literary Charleston and the Lowcountry

Curtis Worthington (editor), Louis D. Rubin, Jr. (foreword)

Cover for Literary Charleston and the Lowcountry

The different faces of Charleston, South Carolina, have created curiosity and wonder among writers for centuries. In Literary Charleston and the Lowcountry, Curtis Worthington compiles this intriguing and surprising collection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry selections by thirty-four local and internationally acclaimed authors. It provides a rich tapestry of one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide....

Worthington has compiled an astonishing number and kind of writings about our romantic, mysterious and much-loved city.Charleston Today

Literary Nashville

Patrick Allen (editor), Madison Jones (foreword)

Cover for Literary Nashville

From honky tonk to high art, from Printer’s Alley to the Parthenon, Nashville is a writer’s town.There are many accents in Nashville, from the twang of country music and rockabilly to the well-bred tones of Belle Meade society. From Davy Crockett tales and the Agrarians to the BillBoard Top 100 and Goo-Goo Clusters, Nashville is known around the world. Yet the city’s true identity is best realized through its fiction,...

Literary Savannah

Patrick Allen (editor)

Cover for Literary Savannah

The statues of Savannah’s Monument Square are silent. The status of the solemn girl in Bonaventure Cemetery—made famous in John Berendt’s now legendary book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil—cannot speak. Only Savannah’s literary monuments can give voice to the rich and diverse history of one of America’s greatest and most visited cities. Many have written about Savannah, but few have captured the true spirit...

Literary Washington, D.C.

Patrick Allen (editor), Alan Cheuse (foreword)

Cover for Literary Washington, D.C.

The public face of Washington—the gridiron of L’Enfant’s avenues, the buttoned-down demeanor of Sloan Wilson’s archetypal “Man in the Grey Flannel Suit,” the monumental buildings of the Triangle—rarely gives up the secrets of this city’s rich life. But beneath the surface there are countless stories to be told. From the early swamp days to the Civil War, the Gilded Age to the New Deal and McCarthy eras, as the center...

Literary Washington, D.C. gathers the writings of 35 local and internationally renowned authors—from Emily Dickinson to Gore Vidal—on topics as divergent as the comings...National Geographic Traveler