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Bedrock: Writers on the Wonders of Geology

Eldridge M. Moores (editor), Judith E. Moores (editor), Lauret E. Savoy (editor)

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Novelists, poets, artists, anthropologists, traditional elders, philosophers, and naturalists come together to create a geological portrait of the Earth—from the violence of earthquakes and erupting volcanoes to epochal patterns in stone and the sinuous flow of rivers. With insights from many cultures and across time, Bedrock wonderfully illuminates the geology of our home planet.

No matter what level an individual is at in his or her degree of natural world understanding, this book will provide new information and plenty of ideas and concepts for...California Literary Review

The Spanish Acequias of San Antonio

Waynne Cox (author)

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The Spanish Acequias of San Antonio is the first book on the remarkable Spanish-era acequia system that supplied water to early San Antonio. One of the acequias, serving lands near Mission Espada, remains in use today. Its 1730s stone aqueduct is a major tourist attraction. New towns throughout the semiarid Spanish Southwest depended on water from medieval systems designed by Spanish engineers, using techniques...

The crowning achievement of Waynne Cox's work in archaeology. It is the only definitive text on the irrigation system built by the Spanish in the early 1700s.San Antonio Express-News