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The Enchanted Lizard

Aubrey Smith Carter (author), Molly Branton (illustrations)

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A bilingual children’s book, The Enchanted Lizard (La Lagartijita Magica) is set in the noted pottery-making village of Mata Ortiz, in the Chihuahuan desert of northern Mexico. In the story villagers live happily in the sunlight and sleep peacefully under the moon, though mischievous spirits fly through the streets and enter the dreams of children. A pet lizard named Lila protects Marina from evil spirits and warns...

In the Country of Empty Crosses: The Story of a Hispano Protestant Family in Catholic New Mexico

Arturo Madrid (author), Miguel Gandert (photographs)

Cover for In the Country of Empty Crosses: The Story of a Hispano Protestant Family in Catholic New Mexico

In the Country of Empty Crosses is Arturo Madrid’s complex yet affirming memoir about northern New Mexico—places such as Tierra Amarilla, San Augustín, and Los Fuertes that were once among the most remote in the nation. This is Madrid's homeland, a place in which his ancestors predate those who landed at Plymouth Rock. Madrid grew up in a family that was doubly removed from the community: as Hispanic Protestants,...

In the Country of Empty Crosses arrives as an event in the literary annals of America’s epic pageant of anathematized New World identities, prophetically remembered. Read... — John Phillip Santos

Remedios: The Healing Life of Eva Castellanoz

Joanne Mulcahy (author)

Cover for Remedios: The Healing Life of Eva Castellanoz

For more than a decade, Joanne Mulcahy worked with Eva Castellanoz to capture her astonishing and sometimes harrowing life story from a poor farm worker in the Rio Grande Valley to a life of dignity and recognition. Former President Ronald Reagan called Eva Castellanoz a "national treasure" when he awarded her a National Heritage Fellowship in 1987. Featured in National Geographic, on National Public Radio, and in...

Mulcahy offers us an up-close look at the life of the healer woman. We can't help but be inspired—maybe even healed.San Antonio Express-News

The Spirit of Tequila

Joel Salcido (author), Paul Salopek (foreword), Chantal Martineau (introduction)

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Agave dates back to the Aztec civilization as an important crop in Mexico. Since the 1600s the people of western Mexico have cultivated blue agave from the red volcanic soil that blankets the region to make what we know as tequila. The Spirit of Tequila celebrates the tradition and culture of this iconic drink. Joel Salcido traveled across the state of Jalisco capturing images of distilleries and artisanal tequileras,...

Poetic... a beautiful book. — Texas Standard - Texas Public Radio