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Balcones Heights: A Crossroads of San Antonio

Lewis F. Fisher (author)

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Residents of suburban Balcones Heights (an enclave of San Antonio, Texas) were incorporated in 1948 to gain zoning protection, only to find themselves relying heavily on revenue from traffic fines to run the city. A few decades later, two interstate highways intersected at Balcones Heights, drawing a regional shopping mall yielding sales tax revenues that could suddenly fund new municipal services. Its isolated,...

Call it a suburban rags-to-riches story. The miniscule municipality of Balcones Heights was once in such desperate straits that it initiated a draft for street repairs. It... — San Antonio Express-News

Plan for New Haven

Cass Gilbert (author), Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. (author), Vincent J. Scully (preface), Alan J. Plattus (introduction), Douglas W. Rae (afterword)

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Long before cities were going green and eco-conscious residents began debating ideas of sustainability, New Haven, Connecticut, was envisioning a plan for its growth taken from the challenging ideas of the City Beautiful movement and its call for civic monumentality. In a 1910 plan commissioned to legendary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. and prominent architect Cass Gilbert, New Haven leaders charted...

The Plazas of New Mexico

Stefanos Polyzoides (editor), Chris Wilson (editor), Miguel Gandert (photographs)

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The Plazas of New Mexico documents the rich heritage of New Mexico’s public plazas and the everyday life and community celebrations that help sustain them. It traces three distinct design traditions—the Native American center place with kiva and terraced residential blocks, the Hispanic plaza with church and courtyard houses, and the Anglo square with courthouse and business areas. New Mexico’s plazas, like urban...

Meant as a both record of how New Mexican cities developed and as a resource for city planners and architects, The Plazas of New Mexico describes plazas as holders of...Santa Fe Reporter

Transforming San Antonio

Nelson W. Wolff (author), Henry Cisneros (foreword)

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San Antonio boasts one of the country’s fastest-growing metropolitan regions, thanks to visionary personalities, key politicians, a vibrant citizenry, and a bit of luck. In this lively behind-the-scenes account, Bexar County judge and former San Antonio mayor Nelson Wolff conveys the complexity of the characters and the events—who said what to whom when and how that affected further developments. Wolff focuses on four...