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The Horse That Fell through the Stage

and Other Tales of a Texas Veterinarian

Mason L. Matthews (author)

Wild and unbelievable tales of a San Antonio vet

One evening Mason Matthews got a phone call. As a singer at San Antonio's Alameda Theater was about to mount a horse backstage and ride out in front of the audience, her horse had fallen through the floor. Would Dr. Matthews come over and figure out what to do?

This was one of many dilemmas the veterinarian faced during his nearly half-century career. Texas ranchers had emergencies as they began to stock African animals. A group of nuns running a farm needed to get their goats out of the pig feed. An exotic dancer needed her cobra defanged. In The Horse That Fell through the Stage, illustrated by Lyn Belisle, Matthews shares his favorite vignettes from a lifetime of working with animals.

Matthews served as veterinarian for the San Antonio Zoo, was among the first to treat exotic animals as they began being stocked on Texas game ranches, helped fight an epidemic of foot and mouth disease in northern Mexico, and made a number of extraordinary calls during his regular practice.

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  • Published: Dec 1999
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