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The Monkey’s Bridge

Mysteries of Evolution in Central America

David Rains Wallace (author)

The unique evolutionary story of the species-rich Central American land bridge

The Monkey’s Bridge is the story of Central America’s role as an evolutionary link between continents. No place reflects the sweep of evolutionary change more than Central America, where northern and southern organisms mingle in ecosystems ranging from Guatemalan pine-oak forests to Panamanian rain forests.

Award-winning writer David Rains Wallace artfully combines vivid travel writing, reflections on the contemporary scene, and meditations on ecological values unique to this region. The culmination of ten years of research and travel, The Monkey’s Bridge is an astounding portrait of a captivating part of the world. 


“Wallace has provided a new face to the history of the earth’s most recently created major land form, and new meaning to nations long associated with petty governments and bloody and pointless American political interventions.”

New York Times

“A vibrant natural (and human) history of a biomassive throughway where large patches still remain unknown.”


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  • Pages: 304
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  • Published: Nov 2007
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  • ISBN: 9781595340405
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