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The Walk

William deBuys (author)

An exploration of the connection between personal history and natural history

From Pulitzer Prize finalist William deBuys comes an uncommonly beautiful book—a testament to a particular place and to the horses that inhabit it, all of which help him rediscover hope after the end of a long marriage and the death of a friend. Set, like deBuys’s book River of Traps, on the small farm in a New Mexico mountain valley that the author has tended since 1977, The Walk explores the illuminating ways in which personal history and natural history interweave in a familiar landscape. The book is breathtaking for its compressed power and flawless prose. It demonstrates one man’s quiet attachment to familiar ground and how walking that ground week by week and month by month takes him from despair to reconciliation and hope.

Horses play a major role in deBuys’s life, and he masterfully captures their spirit both metaphorically and physically. The book’s middle essay is a riveting portrayal of a man’s intimate and powerful experience with a horse. “They made their way into the work,” deBuys says, “without planning or intention: they just galloped in.” In The Walk deBuys manages by some invisible means to wrest beauty and depth from his place on the land and deliver it wholeheartedly to the page and to the reader.


  • Designated as a Seattle Times Bestseller
  • Designated as a Southwest Book of the Year
  • Winner of the Orion Book Award (finalist)


“DeBuys’ pensive and quiet book offers a way out of despair and toward hope.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“William deBuys’ extended prose-poetic, meditative ramble through the fields and woods of his northern New Mexico home is a rare work of such quiet, lyrical beauty that it needs to be savored.”

Albuquerque Journal

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Regional, U.S. Southwest, Nature, Memoir